Give Love on Christmas: One Day x Little Rascal Blog Giveaway!

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As promised, more love, more giveaways! Next up, I’m giving away not one but TWO pairs of Darla Classic Flats (colors of your choice) & an awesome arrow bracelet (color of your choice) from Little Rascal! Read more on how to join!
1. Like One Day AND Little Rascal on Facebook.
2. Follow my blog on Tumblr.
3. Follow me on Twitter and tweet: “Want to win 2 pairs of cute flats & an awesome bracelet? Check out  www.sophiemos.com!” (No need to tag me! Make sure to set your accounts on public so that I can verify the tweet.)
Additional Entries (OPTIONAL):
+5, reblog/repost this post on your blog/tumblr.
+5, post this as your Facebook status: “OMG! I want to win 2 pairs of cute flats & an awesome bracelet from @Little Rascal at www.sophiemos.com! Check @One Day to win amazing prizes!” Make sure you tag One Day AND Little Rascal. Also make sure your account is set on public, so that I can verify it.
+5, follow Little Rascal on Instagram (Username: littlerascalmanila)
After completing the mechanics, don’t forget to fill out THIS FORM ONCE only!
Contest period is until January 3, 2012, Thursday, 11:59 pm. Winners will be chosen via random.org and will announced on my blog/twitter. Best of luck everyone!


Ropa X Mich Pre-Christmas Giveaway

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Ropa X Mich Pre-Christmas Giveaway

Last Wednesday, I’ve been commending myself for not breaking my blogging streak. Right after that, I jinxed myself and didn’t post at all until now! Hahaha Next time, I should just keep my mouth shut. :)
Anyway, today, I’m launching a giveaway I’m holding in cooperating with Ropa of www.ohyeahjahney.com. This is our Pre-Christmas giveaway for everyone! :)
Up for grabs is the November SaladBox from me, which contains the following items:
SaladBox Giveaway saladbox giveaway 2
salad box giveaway 7 Salad Box Giveaway 3 saladbox giveaway 4
1. A tub of Strip It Hair Removal Wax
2. A tube of Sakura Hand and Nail Lotion
3. A tube of Sakura Foot and Heel Lotion
4. A sample size of Alyssa Ashley White Musk Perfume
5. A tube of Carmex
6. Assorted Gift Checks
From Ropa, you will get the following:
saladbox giveaway 5 saladbox giveaway 6
1. An over-sized gray top
2. A tube of Maybelline Fruity Jelly
3. Two bracelets
There will only be one winner to this giveaway and the mechanics are as follows:
1. Like my Facebook page and Follow me on Twitter.
2. Like Ropa’s Facebook page, Follow her on GFC, and Follow her on Twitter.
3. Log your entries to the Rafflecopter app on my page.
Winners will be announced on January 2, 2012. :)


Charming Christmas Giveaway

This is the 6th installment of my BER months giveaway series, hosted by your truly, Miss April. For this giveaway, I am collaborating with a shop whose owner is very much close to my heart, Charmed Couture.
Charmed couture is a Philippine based online shop that sells cute and charming accessories that are sure to perk up your wardrobe. They also have other stuff like cellphone accessories and shoes to complete your look.


Officially, bye henlaye.multiply.com - thank you for the memories!

It's the First day of December Twenty Twelve - hohohoho!


Coloud Knock and Pop Headphones Giveaway

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Since Christmas is almost here, I’m in the mood to giveaway brand new (only opened for review) Coloud Knock, and Pop Headphones, courtesy of Digits Trading Corporation. This is also my way of saying thank you to my readers for your continuous love, and support for Pinay Ads.

So, are you excited?


Hermosa Octofest Giveaway~

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Viva Fiesta Hermosa! It's officially the fiesta month of Asia's Latin City and we're all very excited about it because as I have shared in my previous posts, we celebrate this occasion with a lot of activities that spell the culture and rich heritage of our City. Today is actually the eve of the Fiesta Hermosa which is celebrated on the 12th and that is why, I along with Patricia Tan of lalalaPatricia.info and a number of wonderful brands collaborated AGAIN to give you a major, huge, gigantic giveaway!!


Dear Kitty Kittie Kath's 1st Year Anniversary Giveaway #1: Makeup Loot

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Dear Kitty Kittie Kath's 1st Year Anniversary Giveaway #1: Makeup Loot

Are you excited for another giveaway? Then here it is!!! My simple blog will turn one year old next month and I'm happy to announce that there will be four giveaways :D Time flies so fast and I never imagined that I've come this far. I'm lucky and fulfilled because my dear readers gave their 100% support from the past giveaways. I will not make this post long because I'm planning to have another post for shout outs and thank yous.



I'm your Beauty Fairy! GIVEAWAY

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Hi everyone! I was contacted again by Miss Lorie of HBC Philippines to host another giveaway! Their company was sssoooo generous (omg, too generous to giveaway tons of prizes through different bloggers!)! I do not know any company except HBC that continuously giving away products to other people. Especially to bloggers. Hear me out OTHER companies! Haha XD So going back to the giveaway... (I'm putting all the tension on you! HAHA) I was appointed (oh yes, I'm a feeler) to be your Beauty Fairy to fulfill your beauty wish! You're like Cinderella and I'm your Fairy God mother! No, no, no. Fairy God SISTER. ;p All you have to do is to follow the steps on my raffle copter widget. But unfortunately, this giveaway is available only for Philippine based readers. (Don't worry dearies, I will be opening another international giveaway after this post) The giveaway will be open for the whole month of July. (July 1 - 21, 2012) 2 winners will each receive: Hortaleza, M.D. clear soaps in 4 variants + Beauty Certificates for 3 sessions of FREE Diamond Peel (worth P600 each). Prizes will be claimed at the nearest HBC store.
Read more : http://www.misskatv.com/2012/07/im-your-beauty-fairy.html


let the baby bumpin begin: Birth story

Teary eyed after reading my Ate's preggy journey but so HAPPY for our double sent Angels! Sophia and Emma.

let the baby bumpin begin: Birth story: This post is long overdue. But I am juggling twins, I cant even find time to comb my hair, let alone update my blog. ( I can almost hear my ...

DIY : Accessories Organizer

♥ thrifted away ♥: DIY : Accessories Organizer: Love wearing and owning tons of accessories?!  Admit it. You love spending on "It's-So-Cute-I-Can't-Resist" accessories even if you don...

it's a week now that im addicted to online giveaways, im digging on fashion item freebies like make up, dress, shoes and luckily i won once. and hoping to win more. so follow, add, tweet, like, share, reblog, connect and a whole lot of luck is needed.

2012 is a roller coaster year for me. career - been to 3 companies within half a year. beat that! lovelife - finally someone ended my NBSB status for 26 years. family - not just one but two pretty fil-canadian baby girls added in our family.twinhearts sophie and emma. life indeed is full of surprises, so be ready!

after 1 year and half of abandoning this space - im back. im back with a very happy heart - no room for broken and sad love story.