Beauty Reviews and Tutorials: 2nd Anniversary Giveaway!

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2nd Anniversary Giveaway!

I was going through all my old posts last week and I found out that my
blog was turning 2 on the 2nd of May (yesterday). Reminiscing back to
the days where I used to use the old family camera to take bad pictures
of beauty products to review. I still dont have the guts to read my old
posts since I do cringe at how I used to write reviews haha!
Anyways, I did really want to do a blogsversary giveaway but I never
really had the chance to do it last year. Hence why I'm doing it today.
The prizes for this giveaway is a choice of 1 palette out of 8 Too Faced palettes. 
There is 6 eyeshadow palettes and also 2 face palettes that you can choose from if you arent much of an eyeshadow user.  

Prizes: 1 Too Faced Palette from a choice of the list below.
  • Too Faced Matte Eye Shadow Collection
  • Too Faced Natural At Night Eye Shadow Collection
  • Too Faced Romantic Eye Collection
  • Too Faced Boudoir Eyes Eye Shadow Collection
  • Too Faced Natural Eyes Neutral Eye Shadow Collection
  • Too Faced Smokey Eye Palette 2011
  • Too Faced No Makeup Makeup Face Palette
  • Too Faced Natural Radiance Face Palette



So Gelleesh: Fantabulous DTC Summer Giveaway

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So Gelleesh: Fantabulous DTC Summer Giveaway

I have once posted in my Tumblr blog: “Life is best lived with adversities,” and I stand by it.

I know that it may sound quite unusual when someone asks for
adversities in life for often times, we would not want to experience them
because they push us out of our comfort zones; but you know what, adversities,
actually, pushes us to be better as well and to grow maturely so that we’d be
able to see what really matters most in life. The challenges I am facing right
now has been slowly crafting and shaping me to be even beyond the person I’d
want to be; and in each and every day that I survive and live life, I am
completely amazed at how generous the Lord is with how He guides and leads me
into the right direction. I am truly thankful for both the adversities and the

And because blessings have, truly, been pouring in my life
right now, I’d love to, also, share them with you. Lo and behold my Fantabulous
DTC Summer Giveaway
! I’d be giving away 3 DTC Mobile phones and the
mechanics are superbly simple. Just fill in the Rafflecopter form below and
follow the instructions.

But first of all, let me introduce you to the three DTC
phones I’m giving away:


This basic DTC mobile phone has a dual sim feature with 2.0”
colour display. It has an FM radio, a music player, a video player, a digital
camera, has built-in games, blue tooth capable, internet capable and can hold a
micro SD up to 4GB. The winner of this mobile phone will be chosen via raffle
through Rafflecopter.

DTC GQ1 Ultima

The Ultima GQ1 is a QWERTY phone that also has a dual sim
feature with 2.0” colour display. It has an FM Radio, a music player, a video
player, a digital camera, Bluetooth capable, internet capable, has built-in
games, has pre-installed Facebook application, Twitter application and Yahoo
Messenger application and can hold a micro SD up to 2GB. The winner of this
mobile phone will be chosen through answering this question at the comments
section: “How will you spend your summer
with your new DTC GQ1?
” I will pick the most creative answer so work out
those creative juices you have left in your system!

DTC GQ3 Duo Rage

This mobile phone has a dual sim feature with 2.0” colour
display. It has an FM Radio, a music player, a video player, a digital camera,
a loud speaker feature, blue tooth capable, internet capable and can hold a
micro SD up to 2GB. I will choose the winner of this mobile phone through a
blog post, you guys will be writing, that will answer the question: “How did you overcome the biggest adversity
you had in your life?
” Make sure to include a link back to this blog giveaway
post and ask your readers to LIKE DTC’s Facebook page, Gelleesh’s Facebook
page, follow DTC on Twitter and Instagram, follow Gelleesh on Twitter and Instagram
as well. I will pick the winner for this, as well so I hope you will all be
inspired to share your motivational adversity story to everyone!

Thank you to DTC for sponsoring this giveaway and to my
readers for continuously supporting my blog and my advocacies here. DTC, as one
of the local mobile phone brands, deserves our support. Can’t you see how our local
products are continuously improving? Amazing, isn’t it?

Giveaway: Win Urbanears Humlan Headphones

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Giveaway: Win Urbanears Humlan Headphones

It’s time for another giveaway.  After giving away the Marshall Major Pitch Black, this tech blog will now be giving away an Urbanears Humlan headphones in Cobalt color.
The Humlan is one of Urbanears’ innovative products, featuring washable headband and ear cushions and a function called Zound Plug for instant music sharing.  The Urbanears Humlan also has microphone and remote for picking up calls and hands-free talking.
Urbanears Humlan Cobalt Giveaway:  Win Urbanears Humlan Headphones
For the Urbanears Humlan giveaway, Rafflecopter will be used to get your entries and to choose the winner.  Below are the tasks you can do to earn raffle entries.
Here are the mandatory tasks:
  • Follow @gadgetmilk on Twitter (3 entries)
  • Like the @gadgetmilk page on Facebook (3 entries)
Here are the optional tasks:
  • Add +gadgetmilk on you Google+ circles (3 entries)
  • Subscribe to GadgetMilk’s RSS feed (3 entries)
  • Leave a comment below saying which musical instrument you play or you want to learn to play (2 entries).
  • Share this giveaway on Facebook (one share a day equivalent to 3 entries per share)
  • Tweet about this giveaway on Twitter (one tweet a day equivalent to 3 entries per tweet)
  • Make a post about this giveaway on your own blog (20 entries)
Here are some reminders for this giveaway:
  • The giveaway ends on April 17, 2014
  • Only Philippine residents may join
  • The winner will be notified via email
  • The winner must acknowledge within 3 days, otherwise the prize will be forfeited
  • The prize will be sent to the winner’s address
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Your Shopping Bag • Victoria's Secret Giveaway

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Your Shopping Bag • Victoria's Secret Giveaway 

Before the majority of my shopping budget started going to my long list of beauty needs wants (a.k.a. before queenofallyousee) I was obsessed with collecting Victoria's Secret products. I looove this brand. I mean, who doesn't want to buy the things Miranda Kerr, Candice Swanepole, and *insert famous Victoria's Secret model name here* have and use.

If you live here in the Philippines you probably already know that a lot of good brands like VS are very hard to get a hold of either that OR they're in the form of an overpriced little stall or boutique. So we rely on our lists of trusted online stores that accept pre-orders or the ones that resell these goodies to us. One shop that has been on my list for around 5 years now is Your Shopping Bag.

meet @yourshoppingbagph

They pretty much become your own shopping bag for US-based brands that aren't available here in the Philippines... and even those that are here but are too expensive. You can preorder these items through YSB. They also have a nice collection of on-hand items  and note that all of these come with free shipping costs within the country.

Some stuff I got from them over years include bags, bikinis, perfumes, boots, VS Pink laundry bags, my favorite limited edition barbie bracelet from Tarina Tarantino, and my vintage style VS lauggage case that I really wanted to show you but its hidden somewhere that requires heavy lifting. Well look at that, I just realized that I bought quite a lot. Anywayz, I've had a good relationship with this store and I wanted to share it with you, so ladies here's a giveaway brought to you by Your Shopping Bag.

time for a giveaway

You'll get a chance to win the following Victoria's Secret goodies all new Sun Blissed perfume mist, PINK tote bag, and Bejeweled Eyes make up palette. Just follow the Rafflecopter details below to join. This giveaway will run until April 20, 2014. The winner will be announced and contacted after. And ladies, since YSB is based only in the PH, this giveaway is only open to Philippine residents, international readers can join my next giveaway in May! :)


Keep Calm and Travel On with Anma Lifestyle's Travel Wallet

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Keep Calm and Travel On with Anma Lifestyle's Travel Wallet

I love to travel and when I do, I always have a hard time packing my things and keeping them organized so it won’t turn into a big tangled mess. This travel wallet from Anma Lifestyle is an answer to that problem.

If you are jetting off soon, it's a great way to travel in style. And by style, I mean no more mini heart attacks or being rattled with nervous sweat as you shuffle and frantically rummage through your bags, looking for your passport or boarding pass. Your passport is in the place it should be. Inside this nice and stylish travel wallet. Also, you might save about 30 hours panic time.

Anma Lifestyle is about travel accessories and pieces that make it easy to explore the world with ease and grace. A lifestyle of stylish yet functional items that lets you see the world instead of worrying about the little things.

This stylish Travel Wallet from Anma Lifestyle enables you to keep all of your important documents in one place while fitting snugly in your pocket. You'll find yourself so anxious to open up the wallet to see what's inside. With four dedicated  compartments or labeled tags for Tickets, Passport, Documents & Cash, exterior compartment for boarding pass, a zippered pocket for your coins and even a handy pen holder, the only thing you need to worry about is making sure you get a window seat on the plane. :) It also comes with a perfectly tailored passport holder.

You can be organised for your trips with this amazingly beautiful leatherette travel wallet.  It can also be a great gift for all who loves to travel or for those who are currently developing a severe case of Wanderlust-some. A new travel essentials make great gifts.

Beautifully designed with a touch of tan and sweet satin lining, this travel wallet is both stylish and practical. It's a bit larger than a regular wallet but it's not bulky at all. Dimensions: 24cm x 14cm (when closed) 24cm x 25cm (when opened)  It fits more than a couple of passports, and its leather grain texture adds high end sophisticated appeal.

 It has the perfect combination of fashion-forward style and functionality, with a sleek leather exterior and multiple compartments inside.  For those extra OC clients, you can have it monogrammed or personalized with your name. You may opt to monogram your wallet with 3-5 or 6-10 letters that will be located at the middle bottom of the travel wallet.

Another beauty is Anma Lifestyle's "The Sydney" Grab Clutch Ipad Case

You can tote around town with this stylish yet functional Grab Clutch case! Its well-padded interior keeps your iPad, cards and whatnot well-protected. It has a gold-tone zip and a smooth, leather look finish. Dressed in a cool color-block design, it's available in three colors; white/aqua, beige/tan, purple/black. It’s perfect for your on-the-go adventures and also works as a non-tech accessory.

Next time you're travelling why not take your very own stylish and lavishly luxe travel wallet or grab clutch with you.

Win a fab Grab Clutch Ipad Case from Anma Lifestyle!

Visit them at Retail Lab, Rockwell or Suelas Showroom, 2F Dona Consolacion Bldg. Jupiter St. Makati City. (Beside Red Ribbon) Like them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AnmaLifestyle or Instagram: anmalifestyle

Keep calm and travel on!


SumWear Co. 1st Blog Giveaway!

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I've been planning to do this Giveaway for quite some time already, now, HERE IT IS
Happy Sunday girls! I hope you are enjoying your day so far!
As my gratitude to everyone who reads and spare some of there precious time to comment and interact in my humble blog, i'm holding my 1st Giveaway!

But before we go down on the goods that are up for the winner, i wanted to share to you guys the reason why i opened up a blog.
The very first reason is, like almost all bloggers. I love makeups and i wanted to have a rant and praise page on the web for all the products i love and hate. Just my honest and none-biased opinion about a certain item. That's really it. I don't really much care about gaining popularity or something like that.
And may i also add, i love ranting and talking!
The second reason, is the more important one. As you all know, i have an Online Beauty Shop, and i wanted to give my beautiful customers honest opinions, including swatches of the items i have personally try that may help them decide if the item is for them or not.
The third reason is to find and gain new friends who shares the same interest and love for beauty like i do. And so far, i've met a lot of great girls, which i hope to meet in person soon!
So yeah, here's the list of the stuffings in the Be Gorgeous & Glowing Set!
  1. Real Techniques Travel Essentials - if you are new to brushes, this is a good set to get comfortable in using them. Containing essentials for complexion, eyes and blush: Foundation Brush, Domed-eye Brush, Large Powder Brush.
  2. Lipcote Lipstick Sealer - this is a must-have for all lipstick-lovers, my review about this is in here.
  3. Snoe White Beauty in Organic Papaya - i got this from my Glamourbox, Snoe Skincare and I are not getting along that much, so i will be giving this away so it might find someone else that will be 'hiyang' in it.
  4. L'Occitane Amande Shower Oil - cleansing oils are 'in' these days, so if you haven't tried one, here a nice deluxe sample if it's for you. It's rated 5-Stars in Sephora!
  5. Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil - since you will be using a Cleansing Oil, you might also pair it up with a Moisturizing Oil! This oil can be used to moisturise the face, nails and even on your hair! Also in deluxe size.
  6. YSL Volume Effect Faux Cils Babydoll - one of my favorite mascaras! Enjoy this deluxe sample you can use for months! Get the volume and length to open up those peepers.
  7. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Sampler set - this is the exact set you get when you purchase a UD Naked3 Palette! Get to try the 4 variants of the bestselling eyeshadow primer!
Please don't be shy and join! There's no harm in trying! :)
I hope i did good in my first giveaway, and if not, thank you for tolerating me!


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Hello 2014

Sorry for abandoning this blog for almost more than 3 months - been occupied with family and work stuff. But will try my very best to update this regularly.

Happy Chinese New Year in advance. May this year bring us prosperity and peace.