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Here Are Some Totes by Rica Peralejo

Buy any Chicify items and a pack of school supplies will be given to far- flung schools here in Philippines.

reblog from: http://www.ricaperalejo.ph/here-are-some-totes/

It’s summer time! Surely, all of our summer must-haves that were kept away for the Christmas season are making a great come back. But more than that, I think every girl in town’s excited to have at least one new summer item for 2013; shopping is always a part of our list, right??? :D
Personally, I was looking for a great tote to carry around with me because my old ones are already worn out. I wanted something that was spacious and accessible enough for putting all of my essentials, like towel, an extra shirt, rash guard, SPFs, oil, etc., and also something I wouldn’t have to be too careful about. Yung tipong pwede ko lang ilapag kahit saan! I call those kinds of bags as “pang-harabas,” hahaha!
So anyway, I found one. And it’s a bit of a jackpot ’cause it’s also very stylish.
Each tote has a different tag but I got the black one that says “TRAVEL.” Each tote is sold for PHP1099, and you can only buy it online at Chicify.com!
Now I have 2 great things to tell you in connection with these totes.
1) Since these totes fall under the in-house Chicify brand, every purchase of this tote or any other item under the brand, means you will be helping their partner Diksyonaryo ATBP - which is: “a non-stock group of concerned individuals who envisions a 100% functionally literate Philippines. We collect storybooks, dictionaries and other school learning materials and distribute them to the most depressed communities in the Philippines.” So when you buy to make yourself happy, someone also benefits from that, ain’t that great? Anyway, I encourage you to check their website to know exactly what they do and how you can help, aside from buying a tote or two from Chicify.com!
2) Now the other great news is that I need help to spread the word. And as I request you to share this news on your timelines (Twitter, Facebook, tumblr? Plurk?? Haha!), I have an extra tote to give to those who will help me out. It should be simple: tweet/FB or what have you the link of this blog, then email me at realricaworks@gmail.com telling me about how you think reading or increase in literacy amongst Pinoys can help our country! Please limit your reasons to 2 sentences max. Over that, I won’t entertain anymore. Hehe. :D Contest ends next Wednesday, April 10 and winner will get an email notification from me around that time. To be specific, the tote I am giving away is the one that says WEEKEND, in color blue!
Thanks for helping me out, guys! Have a great Wednesday!

Ada no Nikki: Ada no Nikki's Thank You Giveaway

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Ada no Nikki's Thank You Giveaway

Hey guys! This is it! I finally reached 100,000 page views and a combined total of 200+ followers from Bloglovin', GFC and Google+. This post is for you guys - the readers- without whom I would be nothing. I've gone a long way from blogging about everyday life, to music and interests to a now more stable blogging schedule of beauty pursuits and the occasional movie screening. Through thick and thin, you guys have been there for me, and this is my way of saying 'thanks'.


Bebengisms: Bebengisms Turns One: Bagfull Manila Giveaway

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Bebengisms: Bebengisms Turns One: Bagfull Manila Giveaway: I promised three more giveaways, so here's one of 'em.  Remember HR ? She'll be giving away a red and black Celine bag...

THE BARGAIN DOLL: Candy Crush + Paradise Treats Giveaway!!

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THE BARGAIN DOLL: Candy Crush + Paradise Treats Giveaway!!: Happy Easter people!
Since I told you guys I have a lot of surprises in store for you, let me start one by having a giveaway courtesy of Paradise Treats! We both want to make your summer really nice by equipping you with some sheer pieces!