let the baby bumpin begin: Birth story

Teary eyed after reading my Ate's preggy journey but so HAPPY for our double sent Angels! Sophia and Emma.

let the baby bumpin begin: Birth story: This post is long overdue. But I am juggling twins, I cant even find time to comb my hair, let alone update my blog. ( I can almost hear my ...

DIY : Accessories Organizer

♥ thrifted away ♥: DIY : Accessories Organizer: Love wearing and owning tons of accessories?!  Admit it. You love spending on "It's-So-Cute-I-Can't-Resist" accessories even if you don...

it's a week now that im addicted to online giveaways, im digging on fashion item freebies like make up, dress, shoes and luckily i won once. and hoping to win more. so follow, add, tweet, like, share, reblog, connect and a whole lot of luck is needed.

2012 is a roller coaster year for me. career - been to 3 companies within half a year. beat that! lovelife - finally someone ended my NBSB status for 26 years. family - not just one but two pretty fil-canadian baby girls added in our family.twinhearts sophie and emma. life indeed is full of surprises, so be ready!

after 1 year and half of abandoning this space - im back. im back with a very happy heart - no room for broken and sad love story.