Ada no Nikki: Etude House Play House Princess Academy and Pink A...

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Ada no Nikki: Etude House Play House Princess Academy and Pink A... 
This giveaway, unfortunately, is only open to Philippine Residents. I will be having another International Giveaway soon, so please bear with me :) Also, if you are under 18 years of age please make sure to obtain parental permission before entering this giveaway.

This giveaway ends on September 18.

Have fun and thanks once again for all the support!



*Sparkly ❤ Chee*: GIVEAWAY! + Review: Etude House Bling in the Sea P...

*Sparkly ❤ Chee*: GIVEAWAY! + Review: Etude House Bling in the Sea P...:

GIVEAWAY! + Review: Etude House Bling in the Sea Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream [Sponsored]

Hi Everyone!
Today I have a very special post! :D
I am collaborating with my new sponsor Cosmetic-Love.com, an online Korean beauty shop to hold a giveaway! *u*
The giveaway item is the Etude House Bling in the Sea Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream! To enter please scroll down, some information and rules will also be there. 
But first, I will also be doing a review on this product as well, thanks to Cosmetic-love.com for sending me this to try! As you may have known, I have reviewed the original Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream. So I decided to give my friend Sinzi this BB cream. 
So I'll be 'interviewing' her and asking her some questions on this. 
It'll be interesting to see how this BB cream works on oily/combination skin on Sinzi, as opposed to my normal skin type. ^^
 Keep reading for the review and giveaway! :D 
 The packaging is very similar to the original packaging, aside from the Bling in the Sea logo.
Like the colour scheme. :)

The back, it has SPF50+/PA+++, quite nice. Still same as the original. I believe the BB cream is the same as original, just repackaged. 

The sides still has the same instructions, with English. :D

The bottle on the inside, only the colours changed and the logo, no other changes are apparent. 
The sponge, and like the original, can be taken off to squeeze the BB cream out directly if you want.
Sinzi's face, before and after. :D
Sinzi: Hmm looks really good, really covers la pores. :D
Ok now on to the 'interview'.   ^o^
Chee: So how did this BB cream feel when you first applied it? 
Sinzi: It's pretty liquidy and not thick, so it's easy to blend out and not cakey. And it felt a bit dry on the nose and chin, especially on areas where there are stuff coming out of the pores. lol
(Make sure your pores are clean! :D)
Chee:  How was the oil control?
Sinzi: Good oil control. Face felt less oily through out the day. Or maybe face produced less oil? Or maybe it dried up skin more? I guess I have oily dry combo skin. 
(That's quite a combination! xD)
Chee: How was the coverage?
Sinzi: It's good for people with decent skin, the coverage is quite light. So the coverage might be too light for scars, or large pimple, hehe.  The colour was light at first but adjusted afterwards. Also it's important to get the right shade! If you are tan and use a lighter shade it may appear to have ghostly effect.
Chee: How long did the BB cream last?
Sinzi: Hmmm last time I wore it I was out for like 5 hours and cam home, my face was still white (not literally white) lol. So it lasts pretty long since I didn't put anything under it except for cream.
Chee: Anything else you would like to add?
Sinzi:  The scent is hard to tell what it is, but it's not strong, so it's good. And after a couple of whiffs, I can't even smell it anymore. I also like to squeeze out the BB cream to apply it than using the sponge, so I really like the fact that they made it to have this option.
Overall, it's good for evening out the skin tone, such as pores and redness, but not deep coverage, yes that's how I wanted to phrase it. :D
Ah okay! That's it for the 'interview' review! xD 
Hope it was a nice change from just listening to me reviewing stuff! haha
This is a collaboration giveaway with Cosmetic-love.com, so I'll be introducing them to those who have not heard of them before.
Cosmetic-love.com is an online Korean beauty shop. They carry a huge range of Korean products, from popular brands such as Etude House, Missha, Tony Moly, Innisfree, etc... and many more lesser known brands that are hidden treasures. :D All very well organized on their website.
For every purchase you make in their store you'll get free samples!
Best of all they have free worldwide shipping! ^o^
Current promotion is Cool Summer Sale, Up to 20% off! :D
So please visit their shop. :)
Now on to the giveaway!
-This is an international giveaway, anyone can enter!
-There will be one winner.
-The winner will win a Etude House Bling in the Sea Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream, they can choose from 2 shades, N02 or W13.
-The giveaway will end Sep. 22, 2013.
-I will randomly pick a winner using rafflecopter.
-The winner will have 48 hours to respond after I've emailed them they had win, please give me your address and name. If not, a new winner will be randomly chosen.
-Cosmetic-love will send out the prize to the winner.
Just 3 mandatory rules! ^o^
-You must be following my blog on Bloglovin'.
-You must 'like' Cosmetic-love's Facebook page.
-You must sign up on Cosmetic-love.com.

Get the Banner!
Thank you so much for joining this giveaway!
Good luck to everyone! :D
And special thanks to Cosmetic-love for collaborating with me on this giveaway, and also my lovely friend Sinzi for being a guest reviewer!!! <333 div="">


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misaraisu: VIVI Clothes Goodybag Giveaway

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misaraisu: VIVI Clothes Goodybag Giveaway:

VIVI Clothes Goodybag Giveaway

Hi guys! Have you read my ViVi Clothes review I posted a while ago? Please do so if you haven't, cause today I'm going to host another giveaway sponsored by ViVi Clothes. I was ecstatic when I received an email from them couple weeks ago and couldn't wait to share the good news, but I was too busy with other things and could only post this today. 
This giveaway is open worldwide so anyone can join. There will be one lucky winner who'll get picked randomly by rafflecopter. The winner will get one awesome surprise goody bag full of accessories from ViVi Clothes! By surprise, I mean, even me I don't know what's they're gonna give you since it's a surprise after all :) But ViVi Clothes have so many cute and pretty accessories (as you can see on their website) so even though you have no clue what you'll get, no worries cause you'll definitely receive pretty things from them.

misaraisu: 2nd Be Pretty Kit Giveaway!

Join and Win!

misaraisu: 2nd Be Pretty Kit Giveaway!

2nd Be Pretty Kit Giveaway!

Since my first giveaway winners have received their prizes (finally), I decided to host another giveaway to celebrate 150 blog followers and as my thank you for supporting me and my blog. This giveaway is also open internationally. I include some products that hopefully you'll like. It's an upgrade from my previous giveaway, but I know I should've put more items, but then I don't wanna delay this giveaway any longer and decided to name it Be Pretty Kit Giveaway. Few of the products are from beauty box, and I purchased the rest with my own money. 
For more pictures of full prizes and instructions, please read more.

There will be one winner. And the winner will receive:
1. Luminous Bright Aura CC Cream 30ml
This has been a quite popular CC cream among beauty bloggers. I personally haven't tried this myself but there are many reviews online if you wanna check it out. I can barely find the reviews for Bright Aura CC Cream though, mostly it's Pure Aura CC Cream, and that's why I pick the bright aura instead of pure aura ^^

2. √Čtude House Color Pop Nail Polish in mint
3. Holika Holika Juicy Shine Lip Balm in watermelon
4. Urban Decay Mascara
5. Benefit Watts Up Highlighter (travel size)
6. Wardah 3 tone eyeshadow
7. Sleek eye dust in drama (black)

I'm pretty sure you guys know most of the products in this picture so I don't have to explain anymore lol.

8. Eyelashes (eyeluvme & Kai)
9. Masami powder sponge

It's not my giveaway if I don't include my favorite eyeluvme lashes. Rose lashes were actually one of the prize the 1st winner got on my previous giveaway. It's human hair and very natural looking. I also add one more pair of Japanese lashes, and powder sponge.

10. Lioele Red Ginseng Mask

11. Sleek Eye Dust in Inferno

12. Etude House Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nail in Lime

I pick this particular color cause it's the latest color Etude House released, and lime gradient polish looks really cute. You can see my review here.

13. Beauty samples: It's Skin serum, Paula's Choice cleanser, NARS primer, Etude House Milk Talk, Etude House I'm Blooming Wash Off Gel, Innisfree green tea seed cream, Etude House BB cream cotton fit & bright fit, Etude House collagen moistfull cream.

All products are new and never been used before.