addicted to Farmtown.

Farmtown girl, that's my nickname in the office. Before I start my work, break time and after work you can see me in my cubicle playing Farmtown. Farmtwon is a farming game available in Facebook that allows you design, grow and maintain your own farm. You plow fields, plant seeds, harvest crops (to sell), raise animals, and essentially build an entire farm from scratch.

You start at Level 1 as a "Getting Started Farmer". With the game "coins" you will begin by using the "hoe" icon to plow fields, the "store icon" to buy seeds to plant and the "scythe" icon to harvest them. Once you harvest them, you will see the harvests accumulate in your "shed". When you are ready, click the shed icon and it will take you to the market to sell the harvest for more coins. Then you go back to your farm to plow and plant more seeds!. It’s a fairly basic game but it can quickly become addictive as you strive to earn more money to build up your farm.

The more experience and money you have, the more your level will increase. With each new level, new seeds and farm items will become available for you to buy. The seeds will cost more but will yield more coins when harvested. The gifts you receive and send to neighbors will also be worth more, so start cultivating neighbors so you can receive gifts every day.

So join Farmtown now and be addictive to this lively and engaging game. See you soon farmers!