harry potter and the Deathly Hallows part1

Today is the grand opening of the first part of the much awaited movie of the year - Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows.

I cant gasp my excitement to watch the movie because of the awesome reviews Ive read every then and now. As I quote,"They tried their very best to stick on the original story". As an avid fan of the book before it hit the theaters, its a crime for a movie to change the story or miss important chapters because of time constraints and reading this review added more spice for me to watch it NOW! But because of work schedule and trying to avoid the crowd of muggle kiddos in the movie house, I'l watch it next week. Weekday last full show to be exact. I wanted to watch it with full concentration without disturbance from people who keep discussing about the movie that all of you is watching in the big screen right at that moment.

Much of my rants - let the magic begin!