Codename AYA: 2013-Starter Giveaway Part 2: For the Hair

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Codename AYA: 2013-Starter Giveaway Part 2: For the Hair:
Ready for the Week 2 giveaway? By the way, the Week 1 giveaway is still open! Click *here* to join :)

This is the second part of my year-starter giveaway. I decided to hold the giveaway in series so there could be more winners. Every week for one month, I'll be posting a giveaway that will be open for two weeks. There will be four mini giveaways in this series, and I'll be giving away a few kikay stuff, some of which are my favorites. 

In case you missed my announcement, I just want to let you know that I had decided to switch the prizes for weeks 2 and 3. Just clearing things up :)

This week, I am giving away something from a well-raved hair care line. Remember my post *here*? In that post, I talked about one of my favorite hair care products, the Snoe Hair Heroes Extreme. You can just read my review to know why it's one of my faves from Snoe. Now I want to share the Hair Heroes love by giving away a bottle of another Hair Heroes variant, the Honey Olive Clementine Cream Conditioner! :)