Gossip Girl plus Hilary Duff

Im still in hype everytime I watch the finale episode of Gossip Girl season 2, I love how Chuck said I love you after Blair's long wait. The third season of the show will premiere on September 14, 2009. As a certified Upper East Sider fan im so excited for the next season - college life.

What doubles my agitation is CW's confirmation that Hilary Duff is joining the cast of Gossip Girl for a multi-episode guest arc. [im an avid Hilary Duff fan:-) ]. Duff is set to play a girl named Olivia, Vanessa's (Jessica Szohr) new roommate at NYU, but that connection to V is not all that Olivia brings to the show. Olivia is a movie star who just wants to live a simple peasant girl's life at college and date a simple, nonfamous guy. Lucky for Olivia, then, that Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley) wants to hook up with her and that in typical Dan fashion, he has no idea she's famous. Not only are Dan and Serena all permanently broken up, but Dan is stepping out on Serena with this new girl Olivia. Duff will debut in this season's fourth episode, slated to air Oct. 5.

Aside from Waldass and Nate this is one Im looking forward...cant wait for GG time - xoxo.