save monitos!

When I was a kid, i hardly filled up my piggy bank. Now that Im working, saving money is even much harder. For people who have problems like me, here are some tricks that we can use to help us save and save and save.

Eat at home and bring your own baon. when you're leaving the house 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch or dinner, just eat your meal at home. It saves you for spending an extra hundred or two at the food court, cafeteria or whereever you are heading.

When in doubt, dont! the next time you have the urge to buy that really cute dress or that super cheap accessory, think twice before pulling out your wallet. If a small part of you feels unsure about the item, drop it and walk away.

Water, please! most restaurant goers dont realize that most of the profit is raked from drinks. Try asking for a complimentary house water instead of ordering a drink. Besides, water is healthier that those sugary beverages.

Upsize me.
we grew up with a tinge of mentality that when you buy things in sachets and small packs its cheap. In reality, buying the biggest size will save you more especially if you're using it for long term.

Make a shopping list. list down the things that you really need to buy and go through it twice. Then give yourself a strict rule: if its not on the list, I aint buying it!

Dont be a sucker for freebies. freebies are great but sometimes it lo buying things lures us into buying things we dont need. Purchase something because you need it, not because you want the freebie.

Avoid convenience stores. their price tags are significantly higher than groceries and markets. Next time, if the grocery store is just nearby, get your items there.

As early as today, we must start saving for retirement and emergency expenses. Happy saving!